About Us

Gobe Wealth Management opened its doors in 2018 to serve those looking to professionally manage their finances in the United States, whether based domestically in the US or abroad. At Gobe, we aspire to be the leading wealth management platform in offering client-oriented, bespoke services for our customers. Our operationally efficient and open-architecture platform, paired with the expertise of our investment strategists and advisors, work together to provide high-end, customizable solutions that suit each client’s individual needs.

Chinese Roots, International Reach

Gobe is fortunate to be able to draw on the vast experience and deep network of its parent company: China International Capital Corporation (3908.HK). Founded in 1995. CICC is China’s first joint-venture investment bank and an international best practices pioneer. CICC’s long track record of professional service includes many precedent-setting transactions and points to their deep participation in China’s economic reform and development. Capitalizing on CICC’s existing clientele and strong reputation in China, Gobe Wealth Management strives to become a world-class financial institution with global influence.

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